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Bonjour ! 

My name is Wanda, and I was born and raised in France. After graduating from university with a focus in Communications, I packed my bags and departed home to travel the world for 6 years. 

Interested in people and culture, teaching French became a passion after my travels, so I decided to study the DAEFLE (French as a Foreign Language) and work as a French tutor in California. ​ I am now a certified French teacher by the Alliance Française where I graduated with the highest honor. 

I’ve gained experience teaching children from 4 years old to adults, in group and private class settings. My methods of teaching are diverse and I strive to bring positivity and joy to the center of my classroom every day. 

I learned English and Spanish from scratch just like you. I understand the many obstacles when learning a new language. I’ve also realized that the best way to learn is to practice with a native. 
And yes, it can be exhausting sometimes; you need to repeat everything you say, make mistakes, and may feel embarrassed when speaking French. But… It's completely normal! 
With a teacher like me, who loves her job and cares about you, you will make progress at every lesson. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to introduce yourself, speak some basics, ask and answer basic questions… and even more! 


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