Jazmin Alfaro

5/5 recommend! Since I was young, I had always wanted to learn French. As a 22 year old, I had the opportunity to take French classes with Wanda… almost one year later, and it continues to be a wonderful, rewarding experience. Wanda is very knowledgeable (she is a native French speaker), patient, kind, and *adaptable*! Everyone has different learning styles, and seeing how she was able to adapt to my classmates, in a group setting, and then to me in a 1-1 setting was great. I especially love our private classes, I feel like the class is very customized to myself, and my learning pace, she is very encouraging. If you are looking to learn French, look no further. Wanda is an excellent choice. Merci beaucoup, Wanda!

Tom Donovan

I was fortunate to work with Wanda for close to a year before going to France. As an adult trying to learn the language it's not easy but I made great progress and my trip was a success. Wanda is smart, dedicated, and a master teacher. I highly recommend her!

Anthony Shiao

I’ve been taking lesson from Wanda for about a year now, and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my French. I really appreciate how Wanda always tries to engage me in casual-everyday conversations to help me familiarize myself with the language for practical use. She is also incredibly receptive to my goals and aspirations on speaking French, and definitely takes extra effort to help me achieve them.

Jef Graham

Love Wanda’s French lessons. She is excellent. Very flexible and accommodating to where to meet and what to discuss. Would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their French conversation.

Nancy M.

I had been wanting to find a French conversation group or a good French tutor for years! I feel so lucky to have picked up Wanda's business card while getting breakfast on the go at Brioche in Montecito. I called her on a lark, and was happy to get a quick reply. Since that morning, I have had ten private French conversation lessons with Wanda, and I just think the world of her. She is so attentive, and she keeps the conversation interesting. Wanda really got me speaking by asking questions and prompting responses in French. Even if I speak English because I can't think of another way to express myself, she responds only in French and is so encouraging!! She has a beautiful, positive smile and attitude, and makes me feel confident in knowing that I am with the BEST French teacher this side of the Mississippi!!

Since classes with Wanda, I have begun to sing to myself in French, and speak it out loud to myself while at home cooking or gardening, or while driving. She has reawaken my love for the French language and culture. I highly recommend private French classes with Wanda if you have any desire to learn more about this beautiful language and way of life!!!